Tamaqua Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency. That’s good for you because our reps have the freedom to find you the best insurance for your needs


We protect your home, detached structures and personal belongings. If fire, wind or other damage forces you to leave your home, you’re covered.


We can do all the work of providing the greatest value and reviewing extensive coverage options for you and your vehicle.


Often referred to as excess liability insurance, this is a policy that covers you above and beyond the amount of liability insurance you carry.

Specialty Dwelling

If you own a rental property or a home that’s vacant, a traditional homeowners insurance policy won’t work.  Protect your property with our agents.

Motor homes

Feel free with all the comforts and the flexibility to go where you want. Since your motor home has the characteristics of a vehicle and a home, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered from all angles.


Floods can happen in all 50 states and occur suddenly. One quarter of all flood insurance claims originated in areas not considered high risk factors for floods.


It’s a subject no one wants to think about. But if someone depends on you financially, it’s one you can’t avoid. Make sure your loved ones are covered in the event of a tragedy.


Your landlord may not be responsible for protecting your belongings, make sure your family, personal property and additional living expenses are covered.


We know recreational vehicles create unique risks. We can chose from the best plans to protect you from those risks and keep you at the lowest cost.


Hit the water with a piece of mind when you purchase your boat or personal watercraft insurance, with the best price for your boats.


Don’t let an accident threaten your freedom, and know your motorcycle insurance has you covered no matter what comes your way.

Let’s get you covered